Tuesday, July 26, 2011


1. Choose. You want HER or SHE to be the next one? Click to choose!

2. Always broke when going somewhere? Not anymore! Now, you can learn how to save money while travelling? Learn now!

3. Check out the 5 new Captain America Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Products only @ Baskin Robbins Now!

4. Searching for a right movie to watch? Lulla Man Coming to Malaysian Cinemas this August 4th! A Thailand movie - must watch! Click for a synopsis :
Three fun-loving married guys always sneak out to have affairs with girls. Eventhough sophisticated skills were used to avoid being caught by their wives, the guys got reckless and didn't realize that their wives are now teamed up to give them a bitter lesson.

5. Hari Raya is arriving. Bring back a newly Proton Inspira! Fast, amazing & totally superb. Sneak a preview about Proton Inspira here.

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